Designed for curved staircases, stairs with intermediate landings or where out-of-the-way parking is desired. Durable, reliable and easy to use. Battery operated with built-in charging stations so the chair is always ready to go even during a power failure.

Many people dread the thought of moving just to avoid climbing stairs. After all, this is the home you’ve enjoyed for many years with family and friends. The Savaria Stairfriend can give you the freedom to stay in your home and enjoy it without the worry of navigating stairs. Ride in comfort around curves, landings or changes in direction with the Stairfriend, specifically designed for your home.

Installing the Savaria Stairfriend usually involves only two visits to your home. The first visit includes a precision measuring session to ensure a perfect fit for your stairs and the installation is easily completed on the second visit. Move up, not out with Stairfriend, from industry leader Savaria.


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