The M2 Vertical Platform Lift

Stairs, decks, porches and elevated platforms often pose a barrier to the elderly and people in wheelchairs, and ramps and/or home stair lifts may not be suitable for all applications. Vertical platform lifts (VPL)  are commercial or residential elevators that allow wheelchair users to move from one level of the building to another without leaving their assistive device.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our M2 VPL makes accessibility convenient and affordable.  With a capacity of 750 lbs, the M2 lift easily accommodates a wheelchair or other mobility equipment. A complete solution, the M2 lift includes a flush solid gate for the top landing for your safety and code compliance.

Durably built with rust-resistant aluminum components, you can count on this lift to perform and look great for years to come – even in cold and coastal climates.

Ideal for home use as a porch or deck lift, the M2 lift installs quickly and is easy to operate. A reliable chain drive system provides smooth, quiet operation. It is available in 3 lifting heights: 40″, 60″ and 75″.

The M2 lift comes with several standard safety features including emergency stop button, under pan sensors to stop the lift operation (if an obstruction is detected in its path), alarm on car, and slack chain safety switch. A battery-operated unit charged through a standard electrical outlet allows the lift to be operated even during power outages.

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