Cherie Berry put her picture in every North Carolina elevator. Here’s how that affected her reelection.

From WashingtonPost.comApril 14, 2016 It’s hardly surprising when an incumbent uses political advertising to raise his or her reelection prospects. But here’s what is surprising: a claim that advertising in elevators delivered this lift. And yet that’s exactly how North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry may have brought her electoral prospects to new heights. […]

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Staying Safe & Healthy During COVID-19 Outbreak

Though we often take them for granted, elevators are an essential mode of transport for people who have difficulty climbing stairs or need to travel many floors, especially in critical settings where time is often of the essence.  If you need to use an elevator in a hospital or residential or office building during this […]

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How Can Seniors Help Improve their Mobility?

Although many of us are living longer and often remaining healthy much later into life, many people develop mobility difficulties as they age. Decreased mobility can lead to less active lifestyles, and vice versa. When you’re used to walking around your entire life unaided, learning to walk with a walker, cane or even using a […]

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Debunking Common Myths about Stairlifts

We recently installed a stairlift for a client in the Charlotte area who took a tumble down the stairs. Though both he and his wife are in their eighties, they are quite mobile and never considered that they might need the increased accessibility that comes with a stairlift. After he recovered from his fall, they […]

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Trump Hotel Chicago Transforms Elevator into Gingerbread Express

Kristen Thometz | December 14, 2018 10:19 amfrom Gingerbread cookies and houses are synonymous with Christmas. The Trump Hotel Chicago takes the seasonal staple to the next level with the Gingerbread Express—an elevator dressed head to toe in gingerbread.  The idea for the elevator was cooked up in 2012 by a pastry assistant and a […]

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Will Your Senior Loved Ones Feel Safe in Your Home this Holiday Season?

The holidays are a time of fun and celebration, but some elements of the season may be hazardous to elderly family members. This is the time of year when families and friends come together to reconnect, to enjoy each other’s company, and to celebrate traditions. These holiday events often include beloved elderly family members and […]

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Hurricane Dorian Follow Up

Hurricane Dorian was kinder to our area than last year’s Florence, however the huge storm brought plenty of rain and wind. We hope you and your loved ones made it through the storm safely. Hopefully, you did not receive a great deal of damage during the storm, however if you notice any problems with your […]

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Indoor or Outdoor Elevator; Which One is Right for You?

So you’ve decided to install an elevator in your home, and now you’ve got one more big decision to make — where exactly do you want it installed? Your choice will be between an indoor or an outdoor elevator, and your needs, your space availability and your home’s layout will determine your ultimate decision.  Here […]

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What Makes an Elevator Green?

It all started with Archimedes, who in 236 B.C.E. attached some pulleys to the top of a big wooden box and began to pull, thus creating the most primitive, but world’s first, elevator. This prototype was made of locally sourced, sustainably produced materials; whatever was available and would get the job done. Ironically, this ancient […]

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