Eclipse Elevator

The Eclipse residential elevator is Savaria’s most popular residential elevator and a cost-effective choice. The durable geared chain drive design installs quickly, provides a stable ride and does not require a separate machine room. An environmentally-friendly counterweight system reduces motor effort – and therefore power consumption. An Eclipse HD version is available with a 950 lb capacity and cab up to 48″ wide.

We can show you the many ways to make your Eclipse home elevator the perfect complement to your home with a variety of finishes and fixtures to suit virtually any décor. For superior convenience and a modern appearance, add Savaria automatic slim doors.



Luxury and convenience new or existing homes designed for you. If you are in need of a residential personal use elevator in North Carolina, consider the Liftavator. The home elevator delivers luxury and convenience, with less space needed than traditional elevator designs. Requiring no machine room and minimal overhead drive space, the Eclips elevator can be installed in new or existing homes. Using a modular rail system, the Eclipse design installs quickly and seamlessly.

With a smooth and stable ride, your Eclipse elevator can provide up to 6 stops over 50′ (12.24m) of travel. You can configure your elevator for two openings to accommodate landings in your home, including a 90 degree exit.

Your Eclipse elevator is built with care using reliable components to provide you with dependable performance. A service panel can be conveniently located inside or outside the elevator shaft for ease of maintenance.

Whether you need an elevator for mobility issues, or you are just looking for the ultimate home convenience, a Liftavator elevator eliminates the barrier of stairs, making it easier for everyone to enjoy your home.

  • For added convenience and a modern appearance, add Liftavator automatic slim doors (requires 84″ cab)
  • up to 6 stops
  • maximum cab size 15 square feet
  • 84″ and 96″ cab heights available
  • 1000 lb capacity (where permitted)
  • machine room less controller
  • alpha numeric button marking
  • digital display hall calls
  • power gate and power door operators
  • two exit opening at one landing

General Specifications:

  • 750 lb or 950 lb capacity
  • Running speed 40ft/min
  • fully automatic operations
  • 2hp motor
  • wide stable rail design
  • modular rail sections for quick install
  • energy efficient variable speed motor drive
  • automatic cab on/off lighting
  • gate tucks flush, not obstructing entry
  • digital display in car operating panel
  • home landing feature
  • white ceiling with four recessed LED lights
  • MDF or melamine cab with six different color choices
  • 36 month warranty on parts, ask dealer for details

Safety Features:

  • battery emergency lowering and lighting
  • manual lowering, hand crank
  • motor brake
  • lockable control panel
  • elevator door interlocks
  • stops switch in car
  • in-use indicator lights on hall stations
  • slack chain brake system

Hoistway Specifications:

  • minimum 8″ pit standard
  • no special shaft ceiling construction required
  • ceiling height of 8′ for standard cab


Most Liftavator products have a standard warranty of three (3) years. Warranty periods of up to five (5) years are available for some products. For more specific information on warranty coverage, please contact us directly.