Now is the Time to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Holiday Visitors

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner! Now is a good time to start thinking about preparing your home for anticipated guests who may need a little help maneuvering the stairs. If you have elderly, disabled or injured friends or family that might need a ‘lift’ while they are visiting, a Liftavator stairlift might be the perfect option for you.

We have two great stairlift options at Liftavator. The K2 stairlift is your best choice for straight stairs in the home. With the smallest folded up size on the market, it is out of the way when not in use, yet ready to carry up to 350 lbs. whenever you need t, so it is a perfect option for the times when you have short-term guests in your home.

In addition, our SL-1000 stairlift works on straight stairs to glide up and down in comfort and safety using the onboard controls or with the help of remote-control operation, providing barrier-free access.  With its extra comfort seat, adjustable width arms and high capacity, this stairlift is feature-packed. The constant-charge battery operation means that your stairlift works even through a power failure giving you peace of mind.  The  SL-1000 installs quickly and easily and its onboard diagnostic display alerts you of any service issues.

Life can be difficult when you can’t get where you need to go. Liftavator can help you ensure that your guests can easily and comfortably get where they need to be in your home while they enjoy their visit with you.

Liftavator stairlifts are affordable and quick to install. We are always ready to help our clients realize their accessibility goals!


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