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Air Driven Home Elevators

Vacuum elevators are the world’s ONLY air driven residential elevators.  With the use of pneumatic technology, vacuum elevators move smoothly between up to five floors and require much less space and energy than traditional home elevators. The vacuum elevator is available in three models: single passenger, double passenger and triple or wheelchair accessible. 


Single Passenger vacuum elevator available at liftavator new bern and charlotte nc.

Single Passenger (PVE30)

With an exterior diameter of 30 inches, the PVE30 is the world’s smallest home elevator.  If you are in need of a home elevator but have limited space, it is the ideal solution for you.  The PVE30 can accommodate one passenger and up to 350 lbs.

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two passenger vacuum elevator available at Liftavator in New Bern and Charlotte NC

Two Passenger (PVE37)

The  PVE37 home elevator is a great option if you want something larger than the PVE30, but do not have enough room or a need for the wheelchair-accessible PVE52. It measures 37 inches in outside diameter and can accommodate up to 450 lbs.

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Wheelchair Accessible (PVE52)

The PVE52 is the largest available vacuum elevator and is the perfect choice for those in need of a wheelchair accessible home elevator.  It accommodates three passengers or a wheelchair and up to 525 lbs with an exterior diameter of 52 inches.

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