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Residential Elevator

Residential Elevator

If you are in need of a residential personal use elevator in North Carolina, consider the Liftavator. The Liftavator provides up to 50 vertical feet of elevator service in a home. Even small properties with limited space can take advantage of the Liftavator.

Although built with the same specifications as full-sized commercial elevators (ASME/ANSI A17.1 Section 5.3), the Liftavator is a compact elevator service that quickly transports you between different floors in your home. Rest easy knowing Liftavators will comply with your building’s codes, and the door and gate mechanisms come interlocked to ensure your safety.

Liftavators are installed in completely enclosed hoistways to meet applicable building codes & are built with components of proven design and manufacture – Liftavators are safe, reliable and easily maintained.